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All of our Screen repairs comes with a limited lifetime guarantee from us. See our complete terms and conditions for more information.
Yes! On our website, you can generally find the quote for almost all the repairs. Stop by one of our sites for a free diagnosis and quote on any other unidentified problems.
We accept Interac debit and all major credit cards for repairs. We also offer corporate solutions for direct billing.
If you have any issues using your tablet or phone on a regular basis, we’re delighted to help. The length of the repair depends on how complicated the problem is. We can often fully service and return the gadget in about an hour for common issues like cracked screens and battery replacements. If you have any queries or worries, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Very few smartphones being produced nowadays have a glass touchscreen that is a distinct part. Because of this, the majority of phones need the complete screen assembly replaced as a unit.
The most likely reason for your phone to appear to be functioning (i.e., it’s ringing, etc.) but the display remains off is LCD failure, necessitating screen or LCD replacement. In some extremely unusual circumstances, the logic board’s display controller circuits may be harmed instead of or even in addition.
The great majority of touchscreen issues necessitate replacing the screen, while there are a few reported instances of touch response issues caused by motherboard failure.
Behind the screen of your phone is a part known as a proximity sensor. This sensor recognizes when you hold the phone close to your ear and shuts off the touchscreen and display to avoid your cheek from activating features. Although this sensor rarely malfunctions by itself, it is easily damaged if the front glass is shattered.
The frame or casing of your gadget may become bent or deformed if it has been dropped or otherwise damaged. When installing a new screen, this could pose a challenge because the mounting points might not line up or the frame might be twisted inward, obstructing the space where the new screen should go.
The following actions could indicate a battery issue:
  • Phone abruptly disconnects.
  • moving slowly.
  • Slow touch reaction.
  • unable to fully charge.
  • battery enlargement.
  • Due to internal pressure, the screen has shattered (apparently by itself).
It is quite clear that there is physical damage and that the port needs to be replaced if your charger won’t connect in wink. However, damage to the charging port is sometimes difficult to see. Some signs of a damaged or failing charging port are:
  • Charger does not securely plug in due to a loose connector.
  • Charging halts or is sporadic.
  • does not recognize plugged-in chargers
  • using a computer, does not detect.
Do not turn on your device as it might cause a short circuit and damage the components due to moisture. The next day, or even today, is preferable because we will have a better chance of fixing it. Of course, attempt to dry it off first but make sure you don’t expose it to high temperatures, then bring your gadget to one of our locations.
You certainly can. Call us or stop by any of our sites, describe your situation, and we’ll see what we can do to help.
There will always be someone willing to mend your device for a reasonable fee, but be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true. A cheap repair from the other guys frequently entails inferior replacement parts, further harmed equipment, and future repairs.
At UniverCell, we think that employing high-quality components and keeping the strictest standards will guarantee that every repair is done correctly. Our repairs are dependable because we utilize high-quality replacement components, offer lifetime warranties, and are always available to assist with any subsequent problems.