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We are now an Apple Independent Repair Provider! | Genuine parts straight from Apple

Revive Your Laptop Today!

Transform your laptop from problematic to perfect, covering all models from Windows to macOS. Let’s restore your device to its prime condition!

Laptop Repair in canada by univercell


Our highly skilled technicians specialize in precise and accurate laptop repairs, ensuring your device is in expert hands.

Comprehensive Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty and guarantee on MacBook and laptop repair services, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Secure Data

We emphasize utmost data privacy and protection during our repair processes, safeguarding your personal and sensitive information.

Professional Staff

Our professional and experienced technicians can repair your laptop with precision and accuracy.

Warranty & Guarantee

We offer a warranty and guarantee for our Macbook repair services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Data Privacy & Protection

We prioritize data privacy and protection during our laptop repair services to ensure the safety of your personal information.



Years Experience

Your Laptop Deserves the Best Care.


At UniverCell, recognizing the crucial role of laptops in daily life drives us to offer top-tier laptop repair solutions for Windows and macOS users alike. Our team comprises seasoned professionals committed to resolving any issue, backed by a solid warranty and a promise of 100% client satisfaction.

Facing troubles with your laptop or MacBook? Reach out to UniverCell in Ontario, Canada, for swift and cost-effective repairs. Our knowledgeable team is ready to address your concerns, repair your device efficiently, and provide tips for maintaining its peak performance. Delay no more; contact us today for immediate assistance and get your laptop back to its optimal state!



Repair & Upgrades Made Easy

Streamlined Battery Solutions

Problems with your battery’s performance? Whether it’s not charging or holding a charge poorly, we have the solution. Drop by for a battery replacement and rejuvenate your laptop’s efficiency.

A technician repairing laptop with help of tools
laptop Screen repair with the help of tools around it
Screen Restoration

Deal with distorted visuals no more. Our experts can rectify any screen damage, reviving your laptop or MacBook swiftly.

A technician repairing laptop with help of tools around it
Hard Drive Maintenance

Experiencing slowdowns, overheating, or storage issues? A malfunctioning hard drive might be the culprit. Trust us for reliable hard drive repairs to enhance your laptop’s performance.

Speaker Repair

Don’t let silent speakers disrupt your audio experience. Visit us for meticulous speaker repairs that ensure your MacBook’s sound is crystal clear, with your data remaining intact and secure.

laptop Speaker Repair​ing with help of tools around it

Repairs With Procedure

Mary Ameera
Mary Ameera
Azaan is the best!!! He's so friendly & did a great job in fixing my phone.
PM Gan
PM Gan
Mazher and Azaan. These two guys. I have not had service like this before. Professional. Patient and actually trying to help. I was so anxious and stressed over my smashed phone. I arrived at this location with so much angst and left feeling like my faith in humanity was restored. Mazher is a first class client rep and Azaan a very knowledgeable technician. I walked away with a functional phone and so grateful. Honestly have not received service like this in retail anywhere else lately. These guys deserve a giant raise and promotion. Thank you so much.
Belinda Boateng
Belinda Boateng
Tousif & A.Gaffar provided me good service. I have purchased Excellent product Univercell 4 in 1 fast charger . Good features and also they have good collection of cases .
Luca Salzarulo
Luca Salzarulo
Imran was amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable !!! Great service good prices.
JennyGrace Asibuo
JennyGrace Asibuo
Imran has helped me with installing my screen protector for my IPhone XS Max. He is good customer service executive. I will come back again
Demirci Adiman
Demirci Adiman
Imran helped me in getting a case for my phone. He is a good customer executive. I will come back.
Mika Noish
Mika Noish
I am really happy by the service from Abdul Gaffar and Tousif. I fixed 14 plus screen . Best service and exceptional customer experience.
Aryan Patel
Aryan Patel
Imran was great at his service
Andres Guzman
Andres Guzman
Imran si very exceptional in his work he sold me accessories for my phone good customer service. He should get a raise