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Optimize Your Tablet’s Performance

Why replace when you can repair? Opt for sustainability!

Tablet Repair

Superior Repair Services

Discover unmatched quality in tablet and smartphone repair services with our cutting-edge solutions.


Equipped with the latest tools, our expert technicians are at your service for efficient repairs.


Trust in our certified technicians for dependable and skilled repair services.

Integrity and Commitment

We pride ourselves on our integrity and commitment, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with every repair.

High-quality Services

Experience the best in class smartphone services with our high-quality solutions.

Advanced tools

Advanced tools and expert technicians at your service for seamless repairs.

Trusted Technicians

Reliable repairs with our skilled and trusted technicians at your disposal.

Honesty and Diligence

Honesty and diligence in every repair service, ensuring your peace of mind.



Years Experience

Tablet Repair Simplified

Using your tablet extensively over time can lead to the need for repairs, whether it’s from screen damage, mechanical wear and tear, or environmental impacts. No matter the cause, a professional tablet repair service is your go-to solution.

In Ontario, Canada, UniverCell stands out for fixing all types of tablets with unmatched efficiency. Our team of expert technicians specializes in quick and effective tablet repairs, focusing on preserving your device’s functionality without pushing for unnecessary replacements. We prioritize high-quality maintenance, data protection, and client satisfaction, offering warranties that back our commitment to excellence.

Choose UniverCell in Ontario, Canada, for your tablet repair needs. We guarantee competitive pricing and superior service quality for your device, ensuring it returns to you in top-notch condition.

In Ontario, Canada, the UniverCell shop fixes all types of tablets. We have a team of skilled techs who can fix your tablet quickly without recommending that you replace it due to a malfunction. Our team provides quality maintenance services while protecting your data and giving a guarantee to our clients. Rather than going elsewhere, bring your Tablet to UniverCell in Ontario, Canada and let us repair it for a fair fee. We pledge to provide the best services possible for your gadget.


Streamlined Repairs & Enhancements

Water Damage Solutions

Water resistance is not infallible. If your tablet suffers from water damage, let our experts restore it perfectly.

tablet Water Damage Solutions​
tablet Screen Restoration​
Screen Restoration

Screens are vulnerable; don’t stress over damage. Bring it to us for an authentic replacement.

tablet Battery Upgrades​
Battery Upgrades

Facing charging issues or a faulty battery? Our robust replacement batteries are the solution.

Charging Port Repairs

Obstructions in the charging port can disrupt connectivity. Allow us to clear the way for seamless charging.

tablet Charging Port Repairs​

Repairs With Procedure

vipul pandit
vipul pandit
Imran helped us select the right cover for our phone. He also has a good selection of covers for all kind of devices. Overall great service.
Kruti Shinde
Kruti Shinde
Imran was extremely good in his recommendations and helped us with his great service.
Faisal Uddin
Faisal Uddin
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Obaid and his team impressed me with his exceptional communication and budget-friendly prices. Their prices beat competitors without compromising quality. Highly recommend!
Mohd khaja
Mohd khaja
Good service and price! Will definitely come again. Best customer service from Ubaid!
Imran was amazing! Great customer service and super knowledgeable!
Vanessa Lewis
Vanessa Lewis
Good service from Imran! Funny guy
Andrew McLeod
Andrew McLeod
I came to MobileCare to have a new screen protector installed. Imran did an amazing job with the install. He was knowledgable and provided me with the best customer service I've recieved anywhere in years. I highly recommend his services to everyone. Great job!
Daniela Tomasi
Daniela Tomasi
Imran was amazing!!!! He always puts the customers needs first and always takes care of me!! Will go back only to him and I suggest the same for everyone!!!