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Sell Your Tech in 3 Easy Steps

1. Instant Quote Available

Lock in your below before the price goes down. Find you device's trade-in value in less than a minute!

2. Visit our Store

Bring your device to any of our locations, where you can browse our collection of devices and accessories while our associates arrange top cash for you.

3. Fast Payment Processing

Unlike others, we pay on-spot. Choose between Cash, or Interac . Receive payment swiftly.

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Why Choose UniverCell?

5 star rating

01. Maximum Payout

Maximize your payout with UniverCell, where selling your devices for cash not only ensures top prices but also earns you up to 49% more compared to other trade-in programs.

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02. Google Certified 5 Star reviews

Top prices, exceptional service, satisfied customers, and top-notch quality guaranteed every time!

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03. We pay fast, unlike other we pay on-spot

Sell confidently and receive your payment effortlessly. Whether it's cash or Interac, we accommodate any request you may have!

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04. We buy Devices, not the Data!

Fear not! Our team is trained to follow all the Data Privacy guidelines. We will make sure that all your data is erased from the device and unpaired with any other linking devices.

Maximum Payout

Discover a better offer elsewhere?

Share the better offer, and we'll not only match* it but also reward you with an additional $10 in store credit.

What’s the Buzz About Selling Your Used Electronics?

We’ve gathered countless tales! Here are the most compelling reasons our customers decide to trade in their devices.

Cash for Your Next Upgrade

Sell your old phone and use the cash to get the latest tech.

Easy Extra Money

Quickly and easily turn your unused items into spending money.

Clean Out the Clutter 2

Clean Out the Clutter

Don't let old phones sit around—trade them in for cash.

Travel Fund

Start a travel fund with the money earned from selling your old phone, allowing you to save up for your next adventure or dream vacation.

Go Green and Earn

Recycle your old phone responsibly and get paid while helping the planet.

FAQs About Phone Trade-Ins
Do you accept carrier-locked phones for trade-in?

Sell your phones with us! We accept phones from any carrier—Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell, and more. While the best prices are typically for unlocked phones, the difference in value is not substantial. 

Do UniverCell stores erase my data?
Absolutely! Every UniverCell store ensures that all devices are wiped clean after acceptance. If your phone has iCloud or Factory Reset Lock, make sure to reset it before visiting our location. To add an extra layer of security, you can easily back up and reset your device. 
How do I receive payment for my phone?

UniverCell Canada stands out for its flexibility compared to carrier and other in-store phone trade-ins. Unlike others that offer in-store credit or gift cards, limiting your spending options, UniverCell gives you cash for your old phone. Choose your preferred payment option, and within 10 mins of the store assessing your old mobile, you’ll have the funds in your hands. Simply lock your offer above to get started.

Do you accept broken cell phones for sale?

Yes, our trusted UniverCell stores purchase broken cell phones at a fair price, a service often unavailable from carriers and retailers. We accept phones with common issues like power failure, unresponsive touch screens, broken buttons and ports, connectivity problems, software glitches, and various hardware issues.

How's my device's value determined?

Device value factors: condition, repairs, demand, capacity, and color. Our prices are regularly reviewed for fairness.

Do I need to present my identification?

Yes, we require identification for all devices we purchase from customers.

Hear Our Audience
Mary Ameera
Mary Ameera
Azaan is the best!!! He's so friendly & did a great job in fixing my phone.
PM Gan
PM Gan
Mazher and Azaan. These two guys. I have not had service like this before. Professional. Patient and actually trying to help. I was so anxious and stressed over my smashed phone. I arrived at this location with so much angst and left feeling like my faith in humanity was restored. Mazher is a first class client rep and Azaan a very knowledgeable technician. I walked away with a functional phone and so grateful. Honestly have not received service like this in retail anywhere else lately. These guys deserve a giant raise and promotion. Thank you so much.
Belinda Boateng
Belinda Boateng
Tousif & A.Gaffar provided me good service. I have purchased Excellent product Univercell 4 in 1 fast charger . Good features and also they have good collection of cases .
Luca Salzarulo
Luca Salzarulo
Imran was amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable !!! Great service good prices.
JennyGrace Asibuo
JennyGrace Asibuo
Imran has helped me with installing my screen protector for my IPhone XS Max. He is good customer service executive. I will come back again
Demirci Adiman
Demirci Adiman
Imran helped me in getting a case for my phone. He is a good customer executive. I will come back.
Mika Noish
Mika Noish
I am really happy by the service from Abdul Gaffar and Tousif. I fixed 14 plus screen . Best service and exceptional customer experience.
Aryan Patel
Aryan Patel
Imran was great at his service
Andres Guzman
Andres Guzman
Imran si very exceptional in his work he sold me accessories for my phone good customer service. He should get a raise